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Al Anon

Father Tom W.
Al Anon Meeting  -
For those close to an alcoholic
Very Funny and Informative
Laugh and Learn!

Celebrate Recovery

Relapse Prevention


Recovery Music
by Crossbridge

Album: Thy Kingdom Come
Why I Came
Sweet Peace
Pour Out My Heart
The Lord's Prayer
Sing Praise, Be Healed

Album: Presence
All That I Have
In Your Presence
East to West
Shelter in the Storm
Heart of a Child
Little by Little et al
I Go With You
I Hear You Calling

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Rhode Island Inpatient Rehab Treatment Centers

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Don't Flee - Avoid Extreme Thoughts

One temptation when going through a high degree of stress, is to entertain extreme thoughts. 

The temptation to flee is called a "geographic" in AA, which is moving out of town or out of state to escape troubled relationships or avoid responsibility.  The impulse to pick up and leave may appear in your mind one day offering a quick fix to your problems, but please remember that wherever you go, there you are.  And if you're addicted to drugs or alcohol, you're still addicted, but now you don't have the benefit of family and friends. You can make changes locally.  One great idea is to attend an AA group and talk it over with a few others.  Another great idea is to search the internet for a recovery friendly church.

Before you act, give yourself some time to talk it over with someone.  Extreme thoughts and impulses usually dissipate if given some time for discussion. 



Long Term Care   2198 Wallum Lake Rd Pascoag RI 02859 (401) 568-5284
Phoenix House of New England Phoenix Academy at Wallum Lake 2076 Wallum Lake Rd Pascoag RI 02859 (401) 568-1770
Caritas  Eastman House 166 Pawtucket Ave Pawtucket RI 02860 (401) 722-4644
Kent House    2020 Elmwood Ave Warwick RI 02888 (401) 781-2700
Caritas  Corkery House Boys Program 15 Baker Pines Rd Wyoming RI 02898 (401) 539-3002
MAP Behavioral Health Services    66 Burnett Street Providence RI 02907 (401) 785-0050
Veterans Affairs Medical Center Substance Abuse Treatment Program 830 Chalkstone Ave Providence RI 02908 (401) 457-3393




Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Rhode Island



































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