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Al Anon

Father Tom W.
Al Anon Meeting  -
For those close to an alcoholic
Very Funny and Informative
Laugh and Learn!

Celebrate Recovery

Relapse Prevention


Recovery Music
by Crossbridge

Album: Thy Kingdom Come
Why I Came
Sweet Peace
Pour Out My Heart
The Lord's Prayer
Sing Praise, Be Healed

Album: Presence
All That I Have
In Your Presence
East to West
Shelter in the Storm
Heart of a Child
Little by Little et al
I Go With You
I Hear You Calling

All Music Copyright 2015


Puerto Rico Inpatient Rehab Treatment Centers

Alcohol and Substance Abuse


There is no shame in asking for help. 

It actually takes character to reach out and as new people enter your life you'll notice a new sense of well-being. 

The extreme thoughts will dissipate and sense of hope will emerge. 

Remember that A.A.12-step groups are ready to receive you and help you in your journey and offer you a fellowship of overcomers.


Reto Juvenil de Puerto Rico   Carretera 681 Km 10.7 Arecibo PR 00613 (787) 880-7218
Fundacion UPENS  Centro El Camino Carretera 155 Km 61.5 Sector El Palmar Vega Baja PR 00693 (787) 807-1067
Casa Luz y Vida   Carretera 825 Km 1.0 Vega Baja PR 00694 (787) 870-5099
Ministerio Evangelistico El Eterno Yo Soy Carretera 371 Km 9.6 Yauco PR 00698 (787) 856-7231
Teen Challenge Women Center   Carretera 798 Km 28.2 Caguas PR 00725 (787) 747-5569
Ministerio Renovados En El Espiritu de Vuestra Mente  Carretera 173 Km 6.2 Caguas PR 00725 (787) 731-2579
Hogar Resurreccion    Carretera 175 Km 3 Hm 0 Caguas PR 00726 (787) 747-1393
First Hospital Panamericano   Carretera 787 Km 1.5 Cidra PR 00739 (787) 739-5555
Hogar Nueva Vida OCELI   Carretera 182 Km 3.3 Yabucoa PR 00767 (787) 893-1377
Hogar Nuevo Pacto Juncos Carretera 31 Km 19
Juncos a Naguabo
Juncos PR 00777 (787) 734-5880
Hogar Crea Gurabo   Carretera 931 Km 4.6 Gurabo PR 00778 (787) 643-4330
Hogar Nueva Vida   Carretera 181 Gurabo a Trujillo Alto Gurabo PR 00778 (787) 737-2442
Hogar Divino Nino Jesus    Carretera 748 Km 1 Guayama PR 00784 (787) 866-1486
Hogar Un Nuevo Camino   Sector Villodas Guayama PR 00784 (787) 864-9163
Hogar Crea Juana Diaz Damas   Carretera 14 Km 16.9 Juana Diaz PR 00795 (787) 837-0569
Casa La Providencia   Calle Norzagaray 200 San Juan PR 00902 (787) 725-5358
Professional Psychiatric Services   PR 2 Buzon 9 Carr Km 1.6 Hato Rey PR 00917 (787) 748-9252
Hogar Compromiso de Vida Uno   Calle Toscania 1196 Rio Piedras PR 00924 (787) 283-1520
Hogar Divino Nino Jesus    Carretera 854 Km 3.5 Toa Baja PR 00951 (787) 794-0020
Fundacion UPENS  Centro de Bayamon Carretera 830 Km 40.2 Bayamon PR 00956 (787) 279-3976
Hogar Camino A La Salvacion II   Carretera 174 Km 13.2 Bayamon PR 00960 (787) 288-8682
Hogar Santisima Trinidad   Carretera 861 Km 7.0
Bo Mucarabones
Bayamon PR 00960 (787) 799-1977
Centro de Amor El Elion    Calle Pilar 51 Catano PR 00963 (787) 788-3335



Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Puerto Rico







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