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Did you know...?

In 2007, more than 36,000 cultivated marijuana plants were destroyed in Idaho under the DEA's Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program

The same year approximately 2900 pounds of marijuana were seized by Federal agencies in Idaho.

About 26% of Idaho high school seniors surveyed in 2007 reported using marijuana within the past month.





Al Anon

Father Tom W.
Al Anon Meeting  -
For those close to an alcoholic
Very Funny and Informative
Laugh and Learn!

Celebrate Recovery

Relapse Prevention


Recovery Music
by Crossbridge

Album: Thy Kingdom Come
Why I Came
Sweet Peace
Pour Out My Heart
The Lord's Prayer
Sing Praise, Be Healed

Album: Presence
All That I Have
In Your Presence
East to West
Shelter in the Storm
Heart of a Child
Little by Little et al
I Go With You
I Hear You Calling

All Music Copyright 2015


Idaho Inpatient Rehab Treatment Centers

Alcohol and Substance Abuse


The way forward is the way through and it will be easier with a solid support team helping you step by step.  

Don't forget AA groups are available in practically every city of the nation, and that treatment is free. 

Even if you choose a rehab, AA can help you maintain your sobriety. 

Just go to a few meetings and listen... 


Road To Recovery  Residential 600 East Oak Pocatello ID 83201 (208) 233-6341
MK Place Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Center Po Box 246 Pocatello ID 83204 (208) 234-4722
Road To Recovery  Managed Medium Intensity 343 East Bonneville Street Pocatello ID 83204 (208) 233-6341
Walker Center   605 11th Avenue East Gooding ID 83330 (208) 934-8461
Addictions Rehabilitation Association (ARA) 163 East Elva Street Idaho Falls ID 83402 (208) 522-6012
Idaho Youth Ranch Harbor House 288 North Ridge Avenue Idaho Falls ID 83402 (208) 529-6696
Bell Chemical Dependency Counseling  Harmony House 4615 South Locust Grove Meridian ID 83642 (208) 288-1079
Port of Hope Centers  Nampa Treatment Center 508 East Florida Street Nampa ID 83686 (208) 463-0118 x108
Port of Hope Centers  Region I 218 North 23rd Street Coeur d Alene ID 83814 (208) 664-3300

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Idaho












































































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